How To: Build an Arcade Game 3

In the third installment of the How to Build an Arcade Game series, host Bryan Pederson visits Full Sail’s motion capture studio to learn the ins and outs of motion capture for gaming. He is joined by Mocap Instructor Tyrone Jordan who discusses recording takes for the video game the team is producing.

From 24 infrared cameras to multiple bodysuits with special markers, Bryan and Tyrone explain the intricate steps needed to achieve the best possible motion capture results. After deciding upon which moves and actions they need to capture for the game, they are ready to cast performers. Once the footage is captured, the team takes to the computer to make associations between the markers on the bodysuit to a computer generated human figure. After manipulating the figure within special software, the team is well on their way to creating a character with lifelike motions for their video game.

Follow along and learn more about motion capture, and how these techniques help to create realistic gameplay.

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